Weekly Report from City Staff March 25, 2016

City Manager

Created a facebook and twitter account for the City.  Updated the website; City Manager profile, placed several items in the news section. 

Attended a community engagement workshop in Weed, March 23rd from 3 – 8 pm.

Worked on budget, finalizing job descriptions, responded to Leslie Wilde’s public records request, reviewing Program Income Reuse Plan, submitted authorization for Mike Martin to forward Housing Element to HCD for review, discussed with SCORE a claim submitted by a resident, worked on Code Enforcement issues, rode around the community with SGT Rees, March 24th 6 – 8 pm, working on asbestos removal funding (contacting railroad and EPA)

Met with Mike Rodriguez and Tim Holt and discussed the sales tax for the Library and Recreation District.

Spoke with Mayor Spurlock and Council members Keisler and Deutch on various issues separately.

Holding a meet and confer with Union representative Art Frolli and Dennis Della Bona to discuss the new job descriptions and pay scale.

Looked at the Water Rights file.  We have documents dating back to 1911 and the city does own the water rights.

Worked on council agenda items from the March 17th council meeting; Water rights, committee meeting dates.  Worked on several issues for the April 7th council meeting.

Working on a very detailed spreadsheet details for water, wastewater and solid waste on revenue and expenditures (where the money went) 2010 to 2015.


Public Works

Sweep town, garbage, Clean Tauhendauli, continue sign replacement and mow lawns,

Clean/repair drainage problem on River Ave.

Repair plumbing at Amtrak Station (sink)

Talked to Melissa Cummings (Siskiyou County Transportation) about current stage bus stops.  Will meet with her at 8:00 am April 20 and discuss new possible locations for stops.

Clean drainage/limb branches trees on Hart & Gill.

Install Pine Street sign, install “Fido” house at cemetery, install new “fido” house at Hedge Cr. Falls.

863 read meters 3/24 and 3/25.

Attempted to contact CALTRANS about property on Freeway Ave, no reply yet. (drainage issues)

Talked with CED (Rich Friebel) about Florence Loop light.  We will have to have a new base put in estimated cost $1,500.  Will set date as soon as I hear back from contractor.

Continue to work on budget.



Finished budget project list for 2016-17 budget.

Purged all wells in prep for Thursday 1st Quarter test cycle.

Trees were cut on Pine St. and Castle Ave just above the water leak location. Trees were cut for crew safety because we need to dig into the hillside below them to make repairs.

Water meter reading was done, Wed. Thur. and Fri.

Thursday was large testing day for treatment plant. River samples, effluent monthly, effluent 1st quarter and well 1st quarter samples were all taken.

All lift stations and pump station were checked and cleaned.

Springs were checked and are fine.

All routine plant testing and maintenance was also done.


Community Services Officer

Made copies for a public records request.

Security check was done on the Airport along with replacing the envelope box.

Code enforcement was done on a vehicle on Branstetter St.

Working on nuisance abatement properties.

Found a dog at large and was adopted out.


Fire Department

2 – medical responses

1 – traffic collision

1 – flue fire

Joint training with Mt. Shasta Ambulance – use of new gurney