City Council Commissions & Committees


Per Dunsmuir Municipal Code 2.24.020

The planning commission shall consist of seven members, the majority of whom shall be persons who are not officials of the city.  Two of the members can be from within the city’s sphere of influence; with interests or property within the city’s limits.  The members of the planning commission shall be appointed by the mayor, with the approval of the city council.  Such members shall be appointed for terms of four years.  The terms of office of advisory members of the planning commission shall correspond to their respective official tenures.

See Planning Department for more information.


  • Josh Spurlock

  • Carol Skalko - (term ends June 2020)

  • Don Harley - appointed January, 2014 (term ends June, 2020)

  • Craig Kay - (term ends June 2020)

  • Wendy Perkins

  • Devon Warner

  • Ann Powers - appointed September, 2014 (term ends June, 2018)


A standing committee is a committee which has continuing jurisdiction over a particular subject matter (e.g., budget, finance, legislation). Standing committees need not establish a "regular meeting time and place" in any operating rules but they must meet in public and post notices of their meetings. The Act presumes that whenever a standing committee holds a meeting that is posted at least 72 hours in advance, that noticed meeting is considered the "regular meeting" of the standing committee. See Gov't Code § 54954.


Purpose:  To provide oversight of city finances and debt management, bond ratings, grants and loans
Councilmembers:  Bryan, Arth
Staff:  CFO (City Manager filling in), Treasurer

  • Meets second Tuesday of month as needed


Purpose:  To develop and monitor policy and operations of Utilities (water, sewer), Historic District, and Railroad.
Councilmembers:  Craig, Spurlock
Staff:  City Manager

  • Meets as needed


Purpose:  To develop an economic development strategy and incentive program.
Councilmembers: Spurlock, Deutsch

Meets fourth Tuesday of month as needed

Public Safety

Purpose:  To address local and regional policing issues, fire service issues, emergency plan, code enforcement, and animal control.
Councilmembers:  Keisler, Spurlock
Staff:  City Manager, Sheriff, Fire Chief, Code Enforcement

  • Meets third Wednesday as needed

CDBG Loan Committee

Purpose: To review and approve applications for business and residential loans funded by CDBG and program income.
Councilmember: Keisler
Staff:  City Manager

  • Meets on call in executive session


A temporary advisory committee composed solely of less than a quorum of the legislative body that serves a limited or single purpose, that is not perpetual, and that will be dissolved once its specific task is completed is not subject to the Brown Act. Temporary committees are sometimes called ad hoc committees, a term not used in the Brown Act. Examples include an advisory committee composed of less than a quorum created to interview candidates for a vacant position or to meet with representatives of other entities to exchange information on a matter of concern to the agency, such as traffic congestion.


Master Water Plan Update and Water Utility Rate Study

Purpose:  To review progress and provide feedback on 2015 update reports
Councilmembers:  Craig, Deutsch
Citizens:  Richard Dinges, Ed Steele
Staff:  City Manager, Public Utilities Supervisor

  • Meets as needed

City Manager and CFO Process

Purpose:  To review and assist in process for hiring City Manager and Chief Financial Officer
Councilmembers:  Keisler, Kelby
Planning Commissioner
Citizen:  Mario Rubino 

  • Meets as needed


Purpose:  To develop and maintain protocols for conduct of Council business
Councilmembers:  Craig, Spurlock
Staff:  City Manager

  • Meets as needed

Audio and Video system in Council Chambers

Purpose:  To develop recommendation(s) for improvements to audio and video systems to allow televising of City Council and other meetings held in Council Chambers.
Councilmembers:  Deutsch, Spurlock
Citizens: Mario Rubino, Richard Dinges

  • Meets as needed

Airport improvement committee

Purpose:  To consider and review all activities of Mott airport including the feasibility of municipal solar farm or public/private partnership of same, new business park.

Councilmembers:  Deutsch, Spurlock
Citizens: Richard Dinges, Ed Miller

  • Meets as needed

solid waste COMMITTEE

Purpose:  To consider and review all operations and activities related to solid waste, including green waste recycling, state mandates regarding recycling, possible grants, biweekly pickup, and smaller can pickup.

Councilmembers:  Deutsch, Craig
Contractor: Clemens

  • Meets as needed


Purpose is to represent City and report back findings and recommendations to the City Council.

League of Local Agencies (LOLA)

Purpose:  Mayor’s select committee makes appointments of Councilmembers to serve on County Boards/Commissions representing City interests, LOLA meets in open session to discuss Countywide concerns of cities.
Councilmembers:  Keisler/Spurlock
Staff:  City Manager

IRWMP (Integrated Regional Water Management Plan)

Purpose:  To attend RWMG, TAC, and other meetings and oversee city’s participation in concert with other governmental and non-governmental agencies.
Councilmembers:  Craig, Syrrist
Staff:  City Manager
Citizen:  Ed Steele

  • Meets on call of IRWMP Board and TAC chairmen

SCORE (Small Cities Organized Risk Effort)

Purpose:  To participate in SCORE quarterly meetings to discuss risk management and insurance issues, pooled risk and financial information.
Board member:  City Manager
Alternate member:  Craig

Neighborhood Watch

Purpose:  To attend monthly meetings of Neighborhood Watch in Dunsmuir
Councilmembers:  Keisler, Spurlock
Staff:  Sheriff’s Department representative

  • Meets as called

City Web Site

Purpose:  To improve and maintain the City’s web site
Councilmember:  Craig, Deutsch

  • Reports to Council as needed.

Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCo)

Purpose:  To represent the City of Dunsmuir and other cities of Siskiyou County in considering planning matters that affect County and Cities.
Councilmember:  Kelby (appointed by LOLA)

  • Meets second Tuesday of the month.

Siskiyou County Local Transportation Commission

Purpose:  To review and approve matters related to transportation and street needs throughout Siskiyou County and its Cities often involving grant funding.  Membership is three Supervisors and three City representatives with one city alternate.
Councilmember:  no Dunsmuir member at the moment, appointments are made by LOLA
Staff:  City Manager, Public Works Supervisor attend TAC meetings

  • Commission meets first Tuesday of the month.

  • TAC meets as called.

Regional Integrated Waste Management Council

Purpose:  Consider solid waste and recycling matters often to seek compliance with State mandates.  
This Council is still forming and appointments have yet to be made.
Councilmember: Craig, Deutsch (alternate)

  • Meets as called


Mayor and Council appoint citizens to serve and represent City and report to City Council.

Dunsmuir Recreation and Parks District, Board of Directors

Three appointments:  Guy Shopp, Jerry Totten, Brian Wilson
Terms expire June 30, 2016

Big Fish/Trophy Trout

Mayor and council appoint citizens to organize program
Councilmembers: Keisler
Citizens: Richard Dinges, Mike Robinson, Carol Rivard, Brian Wilson, Ron McCloud.