City Manager Weekly Update 3/18/2016

Weekly Report from Staff March 18, 2016


City Manager

Met with Monte Mendenhall – Pacific Power, Community and Economic Development Manager; Mr. Lewy Dewey, Jim Cook, Leslie Wilde, Jose and Angeline of Castle Rock Water; Vince Reinig of Northalnd and others.

Met with entire staff on 3/16; attended Rotary, Dunsmuir Professional Network, Chamber of Commerce mixer meetings.

Worked on several issues; Code Enforcement, rode around with Code Enforcement Officer, City Council agenda items, Butterfly bridge project, job descriptions, Water Rights License annual report, City-wide clean-up day looks like it will be May 21st at the Community Center, budget 2016-17, trying to locate funding for the asbestos abatement, and others.

Responded to several requests.


Public Works

Normal maintenance, clean drains, rod pipes that had “plug” issues

Minor damage issue on Simpson Ave. – repaired

Contacted Jeff at Dunsmuir HS about small hillside slides in their parking area.  Looks like possibly some drainage issues above where slides occurred.  They will be having an engineer take a look at it.

Contacted John Poston (Diversified Electric) about Florence Loop street light. One of the pedestal base bolts has been broken during attempted installation. Entire concrete base will now have to be removed and replaced with new concrete base and support bolts. John will be sending us a new price proposal, this may eventually have to go out to bid.

Contracted Phil Miller (FAA) about sending us a simplified version of the “7:1” transitional approach for tree removal project west of Mott Airport (for inclusion in bid packets).

Working on locating a “Valve stack” for our 1980 J.D. grader dealer is currently trying to locate thru a “vintage” parts outlet.

Cleaned out South City Hall parking lot, mowed lawns (863)

Began replacing street signs around that are faded, damaged or no longer meet “reflectivity” standards (state).

Swept airport

Contacted cut above tree service, they will be doing some work for the Water Dept. next week and will be back the week of 3/28 to resume tree removal project.

863 Water Dept. assist on 3/17



Plant effluent being discharged to river discharge site due to heavy rainfall and ponds being full.

Had problems over the weekend due to equipment failure at plant. Issues were resolved.

#2 Filter effluent pump was not working for unknown reasons, so we ended up pulling the pump and found impeller was seized for some reason, but we were able to free it and pump ran fine.  It has been running for two days with no problems.

Met with Jim Elkins from PACE engineering in regards to the new Fire Hydrants needed for Dollar General Store and Hydrants will be as they are on the set of plans. The City will replace the old hydrant to the south of the store location. That hydrant has been on our current replacement list.

Repaired road on Grover St. where we repaired a service leak. Concrete sidewalk will be repaired as weather permits to pour concrete.

Still working on Hazardous Material Business plan for Shasta County as time allows.

Relocate Composite Machine to River discharge effluent samples.

Prepping for end of month and end of quarter effluent, plant wells and river locations sites for next Tuesday.

Weekly inspection of springs, pump station, storage tanks and lift stations were done and all are OK.

All daily plant testing and maintenance was done.

As time allows have been working towards Budget preparation.


Community Services Officer

Made several patrols of the city, one with the City Manager.  Picked up trash, and new abatement issues.

Met with the City Manager and discussed what he expects for the abatement process.

Finalizing packet for abatement at 6117 Elinor Ave.

Found a dog at large with no identity chip and complaint of a stray cat that was caught with the animal trap.  Cat will have a new home today.


Fire Department

Responded to 10 dispatches: 2 EMS calls, 1 Structure fire, 4 Traffic accidents, 1-Public assists and 2 Haz Mat.

Weekly training consisted of medical physical evaluations.

All equipment and apparatus are in good working order.

Reviewed and entered run reports into computer.

Met with Julie Titus and Dunsmuir Fire Safety Council to review Community Wildfire Plan Program (CWPP). The group met to review a working map of existing fuels treatments to ensure past projects are included and accurate in their locations. We also did some collaborative draft-work for future vegetation work; building upon existing treatment and identifying potentially effective new areas as proposals for the action plan.

Met with PACE engineering to review Dollar General Plans

Attended City staff meeting.