Weekly Report April 1, 2016

Weekly Report from Staff April 1, 2016

City Manager

-Attended Big Fish, met with Mike Rodriguez on the Community Center remodel project.

-Worked on Economic Development and City Council agenda items.

-Responded to several inquiries and questions from the public.

-Met with Mayor and council members but not at the same time to discuss various topics.

-Received resignation email from the City Clerk.

-Left early on Tuesday as I wasn’t feeling well and half day on Wednesday (afternoon).

-Worked from noon until Economic Development meeting at 6:00 pm on Thursday.

-Attended SCORE training for Blood Borne Pathogen


Public Works

-Continue pothole repairs around town

-Turn on water at fountains

-Mowed lawns

-Load metal – oil, to dump for recycling

-Start paperwork (863) for roadside maintenance project on Frontage Road. Bottling plant north to City Limits (CDF crew).  Roughly ¾ mile of work on South bound and north bound sides. We will do a 6 to 8 foot clearance on the south bound side.

-Contact Verdin clock about repairing our downtown clock. We should have an estimate back in 3 to 5 days for cost.

-Working with Hansen Electric at Florence Loop Street pole base replacement. Hopefully start date of 4/9/16.

-Request permission for striping parking lot across from 5819 Sacramento Ave. We are leasing it and probably should get it done right.  It will have 25 parking stalls including 3 handicap (2 van accessible, 1 reg) U.P. signs will have to be removed from poles in regards to U.P. parking only. Estimate 10 gallons white paint ($125), 4 gallons handicap blue.  I would also like to do the Amtrak parking lot at the same time. All labor-in house.

-Remove snow plows from 410 and 403

Order valve stack parts for grader, order triplex segmented circle paint for airport.

-Install (2) new “Fido” house’s.



-Worked on 8” main valve on Pine and Castle but were unable to make repair so we are going to remove the valve and put on an end plate.  Valve is no longer needed. Parts are on order.

-Replace service valve at 5856 River Ave. New meter box also installed.

-Went to herbicide spray safety class so we can spray weed killer. Locate and dug up main valve on Hazel Street that has covered over. New valve box installed.

-R.A.Martin Construction called and would like to start the water line replacement on Bush St. on April 11. We will be installing a 2” bypass line so they can replace the main line in the present trench.

-Attended blood borne pathogen safety meeting at city hall.

- Work on state reports for wastewater treatment plant.

-Weekly check on lift stations, pump station and springs and all are in good shape.

-Daily testing at plant done and plant maintenance as well.


Community Services Officer

Covered graffiti.

Cars are being monitored in the Historical District for the three hour parking.

Sent registered letter and the landowner has called me. This is regarding a six foot fence that is out of compliance.

Certified letter was sent and received on Branstetter.


Fire Department

Illegal campfire

Electrical Hazamat

Traffic collision

5 – Medical calls

Training – apparatus maintenance