City Manager's Weekly Report | 8.31.15 - 9.3.15

  1. Staff has received final draft of 2013-14 audit.  It will be presented to City Council at your September 17 or 24 meeting.  Finance Consultant and Auditor are scheduling start of 14-15 audit.
  2. Central Federal Lands, Caltrans, and Interim City Manager teleconferenced on Tuesday regarding next steps for Butterfly Bridge improvement project.  A Statement of Work has been prepared by Central Federal Lands and will be presented to City Council at your September 17 or 24 meeting.  If executed, CFL can apply for funds in November to begin feasibility studies that will lead to determination of actual work needing to be done on Butterfly Bridge.  Hopefully in early 2016 applications for remainder of any needed funding for this work can be submitted and approved in August 2016.  Any construction could be started in mid to late 2016 or spring 2017.
  3. Public Works Supervisor reports paint sprayer fixed and work continues on pavement markings throughout downtown; Mott airport is being swept regularly on runways, taxi ways and tie down areas; began work on airport outside obstruction light where support arm failed; estimates for crack sealing of paved areas at airport being requested; trout were picked up and delivered as part of Big Fish/Trophy Trout program; repaired water problem at Belnap fountain; prepared report recommending designation of surplus for truck taken out of service some time ago; capped faucets at Tauhindauli and City park; continuing weed eating and trimming of trees, bushes, etc. from public rights of way.  Met with member of airport committee and developed list of other needed projects to comply with FAA compliance letter dated September 2014.  On Friday, spraying of weeds along runway and taxi ways will be done.
  4. Airport committee agendized to meet September 8 at 12 noon in Council Chambers.  Solid Waste committee agendized to meet September 9 at 3:30 pm in Council Chambers.  Water Ad Hoc committee agendized to meet September 15 at 5:30 pm in Council Chambers.
  5. Paperwork is being processed and it looks like construction by RA Martin on CDBG water main replacement project will start either September 16 or 21.  Preconstruction meeting will be in Redding (PACE Office) on September 15.
  6. Public Utilities Supervisor reports that rebuilt roof has been reinstalled on water pump building at airport; replaced water meter that had stopped working on Sacramento Avenue and ordered new concrete box as current box is broken; repaired water leak on Vista Street; poured concrete around meter box on Cedar Street and around sewer clean out at end of Wells Avenue; painted fire hydrants red on Elinore and Beverly Way; finished installation of new service in Shasta Retreat; completed monthly reports to be sent to State Water Quality Control Board; and completed plant maintenance items like mowing lawns, weed eating, and routine daily testing.
  7. Blue Bag recycling program is no longer taking tin cans.
  8. Wednesday, web master for City’s web page conducted training of staff on placement of text items on the web page.
  9. Community Services Officer reports had vehicle towed from public right of way that had registration over six months out of date; posted agendas and notices on city bulletin boards; provided traffic control after vehicle left roadway on Sacramento Avenue; continuing talks with residents regarding accumulation of discarded items; and removed several dead squirrels.
  10. On Monday, September 7 City Hall will be closed to celebrate Labor Day.