City Manager's Weekly Report | 8.23.15 - 8.28.15

  1. State HCD has approved all expenditures for CDBG grants and Revolving Loan Fund to move forward. Bills incurred to date on community center improvements, water master plan, water rate study, and water main replacement projects will be processed as soon as possible.  Some of water main replacement project bills have been paid from program income set aside for that project.
  2. State auditor representative visited City Hall on Tuesday to review files and complete annually required Streets and Roads report.  He worked with Pam Russell to acquire the information needed.
  3. AGT, the City’s auditors, again confirmed that 2013-14 audit report will be completed by them in the next couple weeks.
  4. Paul Reuter has been given updated budget numbers to include in water rate study report.  Another meeting of Water Ad Hoc Committee is scheduled for September 15 to review the updated report.
  5. Some members of the airport committee met on Tuesday as a committee of the whole to continue discussions on airport business.  The next scheduled regular meeting is Tuesday, September 1, 2015 at noon in the Council Chambers.
  6. Cathy Emerson of Chico State University presented information on Fiber Optics to the Economic Development and Tourism Committee. Unfortunately a quorum was not available but good exchange of information was provided. Greg Metzer also attended.
  7. Dave Fabrinni requested a deposit agreement so he can work with City Engineer and City Planner to determine requirements for constructing house in subdivision south of Shasta Retreat.
  8. Community Services Officer reports continuing patrols for code issues.  On Wednesday it was noticed a yellow lab was limping while out for walk with its owner.  It was noticed that the dog had bone sticking through paw.  The dog was surrendered to City and transported to Mt. Shasta animal hospital.  Based on evaluation of medical staff the dog was euthanized.  The owner has been reported for investigation of animal cruelty. On Thursday two contractors were observed working in Dunsmuir and found not to have business licenses.  They obtained business licenses.  House on Sacramento Ave and house on Elinore remain under observation for violations of city codes.
  9. Finance committee met on Wednesday and received update report on 2013-14 audit and preliminary presentation of 2015-16 budget.