City Manager's Weekly Report | 08.17.15 - 08.21.15

  1. Stakeholders group arranging for appraisal of Shasta Springs property reports appraiser toured property on Monday and will prepare cost proposal for consideration in next two weeks.  Hopefully appraisal can be completed in the next two months and then presented to Saint Germain Foundation for their consideration, and hopefully lead to Mossbrae Falls trail.
  2. Water Ad Hoc Committee on Water Master Plan update and Water Rates Study received final report from consulting engineer and recommended minor changes and four alternative rate increase proposals.  Engineer will present final reports to the City Council at your September 3 regular meeting.  It is hoped adoption of Master Plan update and final recommendation on water rates can be reached at your September 17 meeting.
  3. Interim City Manager attended Dunsmuir Recreation District Board of Directors meeting on Wednesday evening.  Board directed staff to forward report to City on Bent Rail Park proposal as reviewed by staff and facilities committee.
  4. Interim City Manager met with Bruce Ross, District Director for Assemblyman Brian Dahle on Wednesday.  Mossbrae Falls proposed trail and other projects were discussed.
  5. Public Works Supervisor reports his division is working on replacing broken light pole that was located just south of 800’ bridge, no information on how it was damaged; continued painting of street markings until paint sprayer broke and had to be transported to Redding for repairs; assisted in water repair work on Florence Loop; repaired access road to fishing area off Prospect Ave; general weed eating along public rights of way, and cut back brush along Florence Loop.  Planted fish for Big Fish/Trophy Trout program.
  6. Finance consultant and Interim City Manager presented rough draft 2015-16 budget to staff at Wednesday meeting.
  7. Community Service Officer reports several property owners or renters have been asked to clean up or remove debris or cast offs from their properties and are agreeing to do so.  Some have responded there are out of the area but will comply when they return.  Several dead wild animals have been picked up in town and disposed of.  This week one dog was picked up at Library and stored at City kennel until out of town owners could pick it up on Friday.
  8. Councilman Deutsch and Interim City Manager met with Peter Engdahl regarding fiber optics in Dunsmuir on Friday.  Earlier in the week Councilman Deutsch had met with Fire Chief and others who worked for or work for AT&T and got orientation about where existing lines are buried and who owns what.
  9. On Thursday, CDBG Consultant Jim Cook received verbal promise from HCD staff that letter will be forwarded to City next Tuesday authorizing moving program income moneys to business revolving loan fund and additionally allowing remaining program income to be spent on existing CDBG grant programs, community center, water master plan update, and water rate study.  After remaining program income is spent, City may request reimbursement of costs for these projects from CDBG grant.
  10. Public Utilities assisted in repair of 2” water main broken in the lower park; disconnected several services for non-payment; finished rebuilding the roof for the airport well house; removed sludge from the drying beds and poured a new load; started meter reading which will continue into next week; and performed maintenance work at the WWTP.