City Manager's Report | 10.16.2015

  1. Fire Chief reports the department responded to 11 dispatches (1 traffic collision, 1 vegetation fire, 4 EMS calls, 2 public assist, and 3 others); weekly training consisted of station maintenance and equipment inventory; attended CSA#3 meeting (no new business to report); Fire Chief conducted two “Fire Safety Presentations at the local elementary school on Wednesday as part of fire prevention week.  All equipment and apparatus in good working order.
  2. Public Works Supervisor reports street sweeping continues; all former occupants of Engine House contacted and asked to remove their property, what remaining will be removed by Clemens and taken to dump; met with Siskiyou County Public Works employee about needed painting at Mott airport; met with Native Grounds who removed vegetation from drainage system at Tauhindauli restoration project (park); graded drainage ditches at Mott airport; moved furniture out of Sheriff’s office so new carpeting could be installed; met with railroad representatives about cleaning out storm drain culverts under tracks to allow for water flows from Sacramento Street to Scherrer to river; continued removal of stored surplus items at shop.
  3. The majority of ditches and culverts have been cleared at Tauhindauli restoration project (park).  This work was done by Native Grounds on Tuesday and Wednesday.  The cut vegetation will be removed from the site by Public Works crew next week.
  4. Public Utilities Supervisor reports continuing work with contractor replacing water mains on Butterfly Avenue.  New line was filled with water and pressure tested and passed.  Line was then disinfected for 24 hours and then flushed and tested twice for coliform.  The water main in this area will be shut off on Friday and new main connected and old service disconnected.  All customers were notified in advance of the shutdown.  Contractor also excavated the 12” main on Shasta Ave and Willow Street and determined correct size of gaskets to be replaced.  Digging has also been done at Castle and Willow, and Shasta Terrace and Willow, to determine pipe depth for tie in.  Water will be turned off on Shasta Avenue on Monday the 19thso the new tee and three new 12” valves can be installed.  All customers have been notified that water will be turned off for approximately 5 hours from Spring Street and Shasta Avenue to Pine Street and Shasta Avenue.  The sleeve under the Scherrer Avenue track crossing was also located on both sides of the track.  All wastewater plant testing and operations were done on schedule and the plant is doing well.  62 water disconnects were done due to lack of payment.  Those who then paid were turned back on.
  5. Community Services Officer reports he helped remove furniture from Sheriff’s substation to allow for installation of new carpet; provided security check at airport and surveyed the city; assisted water main replacement project by notifying property owners and tenants along Shasta Avenue of water shut offs that will occur; and later assisted in returning furniture to Sheriff’s substation after carpet installed.
  6. Consultant Finance Director arranged for Accounts Receivable module to be installed in Fund Balance bookkeeping system this week.  This will allow for bills to be produced outside of utility billing module.  There are several billings the City has been doing each month that can now be done automatically by computer.  Both Pam and Elaine have been trained in the module and Julie will be trained when she returns.  Starting next week Finance Director will be employing majority of work time to prepare reports needed for 2014-15 audit that will begin shortly.
  7. Airport committee has requested proposal from Ford Aviation Consulting for assistance in preparing grant applications and administering grants for work at Mott airport.  City of Dunsmuir as airport “sponsor” is eligible for at least $150,000 a year.