City Manager's Weekly Report | 10.23.2015

  1. Hunter Communications has requested encroachment permit to install fiber optics cable from Siskiyou Avenue to Florence Loop.  Their application is under review by City Engineer.
  2. Dunsmuir Association of Ratepayers and Taxpayers (DART) filed lawsuit against the City of Dunsmuir on October 15, served notice on October 16 and then requested new filing.  New filing was done on October 21 and served on City October 21.  New filing requests hearing in Superior Court on October 26.  DART is asking Court to stop City of Dunsmuir from charging garbage rates adopted in 2004 and still being charged today.
  3. Fire Chief reports department responded to 8 dispatches: 2 traffic collisions; 1 structure fire; 2 EMS calls; 1 public assist; and 2 others.  Weekly training was “confined space awareness” which is required course from California State Fire Marshall’s Office.  Chief attended “Community Wide Wildfire Protection Plan” meeting sponsored by Dunsmuir Fire Safe Council on October 22.
  4. Finance consultant reports Department of Transportation for Airport maintenance has provided $10,000 for each of 2013/14 and 2014/15 fiscal years, another allotment will be received in spring for 2015/16 fiscal year.  Work continues to final 2015/16 fiscal year budget.  Auditors will start work on 2014/15 fiscal year report next Monday.
  5. Interim City Manager reports $53,087 has been requested for work at Tauhindauli Park.  These moneys are administered by Shasta Community Foundation and are the interest proceeds from Cantara spill settlement.  These moneys are also used to maintain the park.  Next major project at park is installation of permanent bathroom facility.  
  6. Administrative Secretary Julie Iskra has been seen in City Hall a few hours almost daily this week.  She has helped out in several areas where her institutional memory has saved many hours of research.  She is recovering well from knee replacement.
  7. Public Works Supervisor reports continuing efforts to clean out all storm drains, ditches and culverts.  UP has cooperated by cleaning out both ends of culverts under tracks between Sacramento and Scherrer.  Public Works crew supplemented by Community Services Officer are removing vegetation and accumulation of debris and silt where possible along Alder Creek. In addition, Public Works crew chipped brush piles at Tauhindauli Park, ordered new street light for damaged pole on Florence Loop, finished cutting new drainage at airport and grading safety areas, swept airport, started grinding lips on broken sidewalks in the downtown, arranged for County using their equipment to paint center line on Dunsmuir Ave, removed graffiti from Pine Street planter and garbage can lids, inventoried sandbags (over 2,000 plastic) and ordered a quantity of burlap sandbags, and determined sand stockpile to be adequate for winter.