City Manager's Weekly Report | 10.09.2015

  1. Shasta Community Foundation has accepted accounting for $10,500 grant previously received by Garden Club and closed that grant.  Dunsmuir is advised that it can apply for just over $53,000 for further work at the restoration project, which amount should provide for maintenance and preliminary work on the permanent restroom.
  2. New carpeting will be installed next week in former Police area of Council Chambers building.  It has been determined that monitor heaters cannot be repaired so new heaters will need to be installed.
  3. Public Works Supervisor is expecting bids to replace missing light near Florence Loop; beginning work for airport grading and drainage repairs; NOTAM issued for work adjacent to airport runway beginning 8am October 7 through October 23 at 5 pm; County will paint center line stripes October 9; leaves removed from Sacramento Ave; cut branches from tree overlooking City Hall parking lot; assisted Caltrans with bridge inspections; continued shoulder maintenance at Mott Rd; Siskiyou overcrossing deck rehab continuing.
  4. Fire Chief reports department responded to 7 dispatches: 2 traffic collisions, 1 vegetation fire, 2 EMS calls, and 2 other type fires.  Total dispatches this year to date are 405.  Conducted weekly training on low angle rope rescues, part 2.  All apparatus inspected and in good working order.  Attended public safety committee meeting, met with Mike Wilson Siskiyou County new OES Coordinator.  Reviewed and entered run reports into computer.
  5. Public Utilities Supervisor reports crew worked with contractor putting in replacement water mains on Butterfly Ave.  Digging near existing main exposed several leaks previously undetected.  Rocks, rocks and more rocks where forced to dig.  All new 8” main is installed and new services were installed and one of the three tie in’s were done.  New main charged on Friday for pressure testing.  Bac-t testing will be done before it can go into service and old main turned off.  Final tie in’s will be next week.  On Monday, contractor will begin digging on Shasta Ave and Willow Streets to get correct size of the 12” main so parts can be delivered for that tie in.  The 12” water main on Shasta Ave., from Spring Street to Pine Street will be shut down some time in the next week to make that connection and every customer that will be out of service will be notified a few days in advance.  Additionally crew was able to assist Public Works in taking down limb from large tree overhanging City Hall parking lot.  Quarterly monitory well samples were taken at the Wastewater Treatment Plant as well as Quarterly Effluent and monthly Effluent samples.  Daily routine plant testing and plant maintenance is also being done.
  6. Community Services Officer reports a towed RV was released to the owner after all fees paid to the City; requesting residential property owners repair broken sidewalks in front of houses; assisted Public Works with tree limb chipping and debris removal from City Hall parking lot.
  7. Interim City Manager met on Thursday with stakeholders group regarding Mossbrae Trail.  Another letter to Saint Germain Foundation is being prepared.