Embracing Social Media

This is the first message of many more to follow beginning the initiative of Dunsmuir, CA City Hall being as transparent as possible. Transparency in government is very important.  The more transparent a government agency is the more the people will be of trusting that agency.  The less transparent a government agency is the less trusting the people will be of that agency. 

City Hall in Dunsmuir, CA will do its utmost to ensure transparency practiced each and every day.  There are issues that require confidentiality, especially personnel matters, negotiations and litigation. If there is something going on at City Hall you will probably hear it first here on this Facebook page.

The City Manager of Dunsmuir, CA, heard at the March 17, 2016 City Council meeting that the people want to know where the money went for the Water and Wastewater rate hikes went.  We are working on that request and hope to have it ready for the City Council meeting in the near future.