Weekly Report April 8, 2016

City Manager

-Met with PACE Engineering to strategize existing and future projects based on the Water and Sewer Master Plans.

-Attended Airport meeting, and County Transportation Commission meeting.

-Conference call on Housing Element with California Housing and Community Development. It was a good meeting and minimal changes but nothing with substantial changes.

-Worked on 2016-17 Budget.

-Prepared agenda items for City Council meeting April 21, 2016.

-Met with Mayor and Council Members but not at the same time.

-Met with several members of the public.

-Worked on Code Enforcement issues.

-Worked on website, facebook and twitter sites.

-Researched assistance with educational institutions to assist with developing a Park Master Plan.

-Conversation with City Attorney over non-litigation issues.


Public Works

-Turn on fountains – downtown, Hedge Cr., Belnam (adjust-repair).

-Turn on/check water systems at Hedge Cr., Children’s Park, Florence Loop, repair valves, water leakes (sacto Dogwoods, Caboose Park included)

-Complete mail work request for CDF crew (Frontage Rd. project)

-Re-set pavers across from Dogwood Diner.

-Repair 90 degree corrugated pipe on Elinore Ave.

-Swept city (4/4-4/8)

-Weed eat Dunsmuir Ave. Lower Cedar to Spring Street (both sides)

-Repair separator curtain on 411.

-Filed Notam for Airport beginning 8:00 am 4/8 and ending 5:00 pm 5/6 for segmented circle repairs.

-Order repair parts for valve 422.

-Contacted Cut Above 4/7, for tree work throughout city.  Will be here 4/21, 4/22, 4/25 and week of May 2-6.

-Start work on segmented circle at airport.

-Mow lawns.



-Unscheduled power outage on Sunday that caused issues with the transfer switch at the lift station.

-The generators and transfer switches at Shasta Retreat and S. Dunsmuir lift stations. This required assistance from Diversified Electric to resolve the issue.

-Met with PACE, City Manager and Finance Director to discuss construction items and funding from the Master Sewer Plan.

-Met with City Manager and Public Works Supervisor to discuss new employee concerns.

-Removed snow tires from truck 303.

-Found broken idler arm on aerator #1 during weekly plant maintenance, made repairs.

-Flushed all dead ends in water system and replaced screens on the air relief valves.

-Met with R.A. Martin Construction to discuss the water line replacement on Bush St. to start April 11.

-Dennis attended wastewater treatment test prep class M-W. Test is on Saturday 4/11

-All plant testing and maintenance was completed with the help of Jessica from PACE Engineering.


Community Services Officer

-Working on two properties that have various code violations.

-Posted fliers for the Rabies Clinic.

-Training with City Manager in regards to handling complaints.

-Picked up a TV that was abandon on city property.

-Provided informational flyer to tenants concerning burn rules.

-Patrolled city looking for code violation.


Fire Department

-For the period, the department responded to (20) dispatches:  (10) EMS calls, (1) Structure fire,

(1) Traffic accident, (1) Haz Mat. (5) Other type fires.

-Weekly training consisted of station/equipment maintenance and ground ladder training

-All equipment and apparatus are in good working order.

-Reviewed and entered run reports into computer. All reports sent to the California State Fire Marshalls office for the 1st quarter of 2016

-Conducted (1) residential sprinkler inspection

-Chief Padilla was on vacation March 24 through April 1