Our Waterfalls and the Public

It's no secret that Dunsmuir is home to two beautiful waterfalls in Siskiyou County and we pride ourselves on the fact that our waterfalls showcase The Best Water on Earth! However, only one of our waterfalls is open to the public.

Open year round, Hedge Creek Falls is a short walk from Interstate 5, Dunsmuir Avenue and other public roads. We encourage all to visit and see the beautiful cave that allows viewers to walk behind the cascading water.


Our second waterfall is our treasured Mossbrae Falls that currently is closed to the public. Approximately 50 feet tall, and 175 feet wide it is fed by the same source of water that the City of Dunsmuir receives from a spring above the falls. Mossbrae Falls remains closed for two reasons; currently the only access is by trespassing on private property that does not belong to the City of Dunsmuir and finally the safety concerns of Union Pacific, and people walking along side active railways.

Currently, the only way to visit the falls is by trespassing on Union Pacific Property or by trespassing on Saint Germain Foundation Property. Both parties along side with the City of Dunsmuir have expressed their extreme discouragement of visitors on either properties to access Mossbrae Falls. 

But there is hope! The City of Dunsmuir is working actively to secure properties, easements, and other legal agreements to give the public access. Headed previously by numerous City Officials, and currently by Vice Mayor Craig and Mayor Spurlock, they are working with the Mount Shasta Trail Association to give access to the public. Visitors that continue to disregard the request of the Union Pacific, and Saint Germain Foundation only cause more delays with negotiations.

Another topic that is of particular interest of hikers is the Mossbrae Falls water source which also feeds the City of Dunsmuir. Rumored to be home of Lemurians, or other protectors of Mount Shasta are the most common misconceptions of the spring. Our response is a lot simpler, and strait forward; It is an access to the water source is which provides water to our water fountains, restaurants, businesses, residents and for the Union Pacific. Because it plays an important part in delivering water, and providing sustainability, it is in the City's best interest to limit who has access to it. 

In the previous year, trespassers broke into the springs and put the entire water system at risk of contamination which would cost thousands of dollars to cleanse, and test our water system to make sure the quality of water remains Home of the Best Water on Earth. As a result, new gates have been constructed adding an additional level of security. 

The City of Dunsmuir takes pride in our water and protecting our customers water quality. The Public Works Department and the Siskiyou County Sheriff's Department regularly monitor and patrol surrounding areas to report and prosecute any trespassers.

We are hopeful that soon we can open Mossbrae Falls to the public for all to enjoy it's beauties. Until then, we ask that no one trespass on private property to access either Mossbrae Falls, or our water source.

If you would like to know more about our waterfalls, please feel free to contact us, or visit the Chamber of Commerce. For questions regarding the water system, or springs please contact City Hall.