Flooding Information - 02/09/2017


FEBRUARY 9, 2017

The National Weather Service placed the area that includes City of Dunsmuir in “flood advisory”.  They are considering raising that level to flood warning.

At this time water is over the headwall at the south end of Butterfly and just north of Gillis.  That portion of roadway has been closed by the City.

Water in the Sacramento River is just under the level that caused flooding along Butterfly Ave in 2015.  Residents in this area are asked to be cautious and aware that an evacuation advisory and ultimately an evacuation order may be issued.

The City has arranged with St. John’s Parrish Hall at 5605 Shasta Ave. to shelter those who may be displaced.

There was a mud slide that closed portion of Dunsmuir Ave. just south of I-5 south bound on ramp which is south of bridge that is south of Chevron Station.  This area has just been reopened after Caltrans crew repaired culverts from top of hillside that were not accepting storm drain waters.  Caltrans will continue to monitor this area as the repair work is temporary fix with permanent fix to be done this summer.

Anyone with emergency issue is asked to contact Dunsmuir Fire Department at 530-235-2551 or call 911.   Siskiyou County Sheriff’s department also has extra officers working the Dunsmuir and south county areas.  Dunsmuir Public Works crew and Dunsmuir Public Utilities crew members are out and about attempting to keep storm drain system open and unclogged.

More information will be distributed as it becomes available.

City of Dunsmuir City Manager’s office
February 9, 2017
12:00 p.m.

Flood Map

Updated as information becomes available