Weekly report April 22, 2016

City Manager

Having computer problems being looked at by ACME.

Attended Finance Committee meeting and made presentation of water/wastewater/solid waste review and expenses for 2010-2015 (where the money came from and where it went). Presentation will be repeated at the May 5 City Council meeting.

Met with various individual to discuss various issues.

Doctor appointment Tuesday afternoon.

Met with Mayor and Council members at various times but never with more than two at one time.

Met with Railroad Depot Museum members to discuss the lack of support from Amtrak and the need for a new roof.

Attended City Council meeting on Thursday evening.

Attended the Brewfest Committee meeting (first time).

Worked on making adjustment to the part-time Assistant Utility Billing Clerk/Receptionist employment request to the City Council.

Worked on 2015-2016 budget.

Worked on various issues concerning airport hangar damage; public records request; code enforcement and council agenda items.

Attended meeting on the safety element of the General Plan with Fire Chief, City Planner and CAL-Fire.


Public Works

Completed weed trimming Dunsmuir Ave Central on/off ramp; Florence loop and Dunsmuir Ave.

Pulled weeds out of planter boxes on Pine Street

Cleaned north City Hall parking lot.

Clean staircase Shasta Ave to Dunsmuir Ave.

Rebuilt bench at Tauhindauli Park

Spray Herbicide - Oak Street to High School hill; south Dunsmuir Ave hill to bus stop.

Read Meters

Removed graffiti, Butterfly Bridge, Sacrament Ave wall, Central I-5 crossings.

Mow lawns

Swept streets.

Big fish meeting 4/19

Marked out paint/strip Sacramento Ave. leased parking lot, strip ½ of Amtrak parking lot.

Removed plow framework from #400 and 401.

Remove Ivy/debris from sidewalk between Sacramento and Walnut.

Hansen Electric installed form for new concrete pedestal base at Florence Loop.  Should be poured 4/22 or early next week.

Met with Melissa Cummings and Scott Billingsley (Siskiyou County Transportation) 4/20. Reviewed and are looking at improving existing stage bus stops and possibly moving a few existing sites to new locations. Ms. Cummings will be sending a complete report within the next two or three weeks.



Contractor installing 5” water main on Bush Street and Mountain Ave.

Had 30 water disconnects for non-payment on Monday.

Had sewer lateral issue over the weekend (April 16/17) on a Pine Street house.  Owner was called and waiting for a return call to discuss the problem and remedies.

Located sewer main on top of Bush Street and Mountain Avenue for contractor to install new 2” line.

Finished locating sewer main on south end of Schearer Ave where contractors will be digging next week (April 25-29).

Reading Water Meters on Thursday and Friday.

Pump station and lift stations were checked.

Plant operations, testing and maintenance done.


Community Services Officer

Worked on two abatements.

Removed and collected all citywide cleanup posters.

Investigated a complaint of a red car abandoned on Shasta Ave.

Trash picked up with road kill at various locations.

Began taking pictures with high grass and weeds with certified letters sent out.  This is a lengthy process due to the number of code violations.


Fire Department

Responded to 10 dispatches:

(5) EMS calls.

(1) Structure fire

(1) Public assist.

(2) Other type fires.

(1) Haz-Mat.

Weekly training consisted of ground ladder and aerial ladder evolutions.

All equipment and apparatus are in good working order.

Reviewed and entered run reports into computer.

Attended meeting on the safety element of the General Plan with City Manager, City Planner and CAL-Fire.

Attended meeting with CAL-Trans to discuss potential impacts of traffic problems on I-5 in the Dunsmuir area due to the next phase of the Antler Bridge construction.