Weekly Staff Report April 15, 2016

City Manager

Worked on staff reports and resolutions for City Council agenda for April 21st.

Worked on County road permit for adult soapbox race.

Worked on obtaining city credit card and other banking items.

Held meeting with entire staff on 4/13/16.

Worked on budget and a transparency project.

Preparing for presentation to the City Finance committee meeting on 4/18.

Met with Sam Lanier and Richard Dinges on various topics and how GIS can help city.

Met with Arthur Boyd on recycling in city office and attended County Solid Waste Management meeting 4/14/16.

Met with Castle Rock Water concerning several issues.

Met with other customers concerning utility billing.

Made several inquiries concerning annual CalRecycle grant ($5,000) annually.

Talked with another Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) organization Home Energy Renovation Opportunities (HERO) through Western Riverside Council of Governments.  This will be on the 5/5 Council meeting.

Talked with Building Official concerning residents that turned single family homes into multi-family homes without a permit.


Public Works

Big Fish Meeting.

Normal Maintenance

Sweep town

Check, clean drain’s

Weed eat Sacto Ave. across from Dogwood Diner

Replace tie down chains at airport

Place parts order for paint sprayer, Service painter sprayer

Prep work on #402 for street painting

Cover graffiti, repaint guard rail on Sacramento Ave.

Talked with Terry Hansen (Hansen Electric), they should be starting on Florence Loop Street light base replacement next week.

Mow lawns

Received new garbage cans for downtown – install next week.

Replace ballast at City Hall (863)

Unplug sewer at Amtrak Depot (863)

Replaced 3 Dogwood trees (2 on Sacto Ave., 1 at Hedge Creek (863)

Staff Meeting 4/13



Installed a 2” bypass waster line on Bush Street so R.A.Martin Construction can start digging to replace the 6” water main.

Had new front brakes installed on truck 303.

Replaced dash instrumentation panel in truck 300.

Staff meeting on Wednesday 8:00 am

Meeting with Keith from PACE Engineering and R.A. Martin Construction about digging trench on Bush St to replace water main and have run into some large roots from the trees and we are discussing possible solutions.

Repair water service leak 5900 block of Castle Ave.

Replace curb stop and meter box on Grover St and pour concrete sidewalk back around meter box.

Had fit test on Wednesday at fire station for plant employees breathing apparatus.

Checked main holes in sewer system in problem areas.  All were fine.

All plant testing, operations and maintenance was completed

Ducks and Geese are starting to nest at plant, and all is well with them.

Getting job description prepared for future Operator In Training at treatment plant.


Community Services Officer

Picked up trash and dead animals.

City wide cleanup and rabies clinic were posted around the city.

Called dog owners with expired rabies vaccinations or due within a year.

Impounded a dog that was at-large at the Dunsmuir Brewery. Owner was found and paid impound fee.

Abatement on 4110 Branstetter Street.


Fire Department

Responded to 17 dispatches:

6 – EMS calls

2 – Structure fires

6 – Public Assists

3 – Other type fires.

Weekly training consisted of FIT testing of fire personnel and flow testing of all self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA)

All equipment and apparatus are in good working order

Reviewed and entered run reports into computer

Participated in the monthly fire drill at Dunsmuir Elementary

Attended CSA#3 meeting, report to follow.