City Manager's Weekly Report | 7.27.15 - 7.31.15

  1. Office staff report that utility billing completed and went out this week.  Included in billing are annual consumer confidence report and drought/conservation information flyer.  Starting this month City is providing separate monthly statement for those with outstanding CDBG or EDBG loans.
  2. Public Works Supervisor reports continuing to paint street markings after stopping to service paint sprayer, Native Grounds finished first stage of meadow maintenance at Tauhindauli Park, continuing roadside maintenance, brush cutting and weed eating south side of 800’ bridge to Florence Loop overcrossing (west side), swept streets on 24th and 27th, picked up new DR trimmer on 29th, repairs to water system at cemetery and installed new system timer.
  3. Public Utilities Supervisor reports entire utilities crew, Interim City Manager, Jim Cook, Leslie Adams, and several from 3 engineers from PACE attended pre-bid conference for CDBG funded water main replacements project.  12 sets of bid documents had been taken out and 8 representatives of contractors attended the pre-bid meeting.  After review of bid documents much of the project areas were walked and discussed.  Bid opening is scheduled for August 11.
  4. On Tuesday representatives from Hunter Communications requested encroachment forms for them to connect fiber optics to business in north Dunsmuir.
  5. Community Services Officer reports that there have been several calls complaining about people dumping on vacant properties.  Neighbors knew who dumped and they were contacted.  Dumped materials were voluntarily removed and disposed of.  There are continuing loose dog issues, most resulting in dogs being returned to owners who pay $5 fee plus relicensing fee if appropriate.  One brindle pitbull has been on the loose for days and several complaints were received.  It was finally captured with the help of homeowners.  After several days in kennel it was euthanized.  After notice, vehicle voluntarily towed from south side of 800 foot bridge.  Still asking property owners to abate weeds from vacant properties, side yards, and other areas not well maintained.
  6. Next week Interim City Manager, Public Utilities Supervisor, Finance Consultant will be out of the office on vacation.  Would have made Julie acting City Manager but at the last minute she wanted Monday off.
  7. Tomorrow Interim City Manager has MRIs on both knees.  Need for knee replacements to be determined.  Julie is making arrangements for knee replacement in November.  There may be a need to quarantine the office.