City Manager's Weekly Report | 12.18.2015

  1. Community Services Officer reports still calling dog owners where license has not been renewed; still assisting Public Works clearing storm drains, this week on Simpson Ave.; still training to operate public works mobile equipment if needed.
  2. All ordinances through 550 have been forwarded to Municipal Code Corporation with request to provide cost estimate to bring Dunsmuir City Code books current and update version on webpage.
  3. All office staff continue to work on parcel and customer lists for proposed Proposition 218 elections on water and solid waste rates.  Interim City Manager has completed drafts of public hearing notices and forwarded for review by City Attorney.
  4. Water shut offs were completed this week and customers have come in to make payments and have water turned back on.  This is the last billing cycle where partial payments will be allowed.
  5. It is asked that all remember that with snows here and more expected, snow plowing of streets will be done and those parked in the no parking areas when snow plowing starts will have vehicles towed.
  6. Public Works Supervisor reports crew continues to rod storm drains most recently on Dunsmuir Ave, Rose Ave, Grover St. and Hemlock; culverts were cleared on Clark St and north of Elementary School; streets were swept and broken limbs and branches picked up; apple tree trimmed out of public right of way at Siskiyou and Dunsmuir Ave; trees were trimmed, brush cleared and gutters cleaned on Vernie St; finished clearing Shasta Retreat drainage on Wednesday; had A Cut Above cut down Oak tree near theatre and next to veteran’s fountain, and also trimmed and removed dead branches from trees adjacent to the City rental at City Park; submitted first draft snow removal protocols for City Manager review; submitted first draft protocols for NOTAMS that may be needed for Mott airport when there is snow or other contamination on runway; finished servicing backhoe (#421); checked school routes, bridges and cindered as needed.
  7. Candace Miller and Arlene Dinges have agreed to work with Interim City Manager and Public Works Supervisor to develop a Street Tree program for the downtown.  Research has begun and hopefully some form of report will be available in the near future.  Some troublesome trees are being removed now and more are scheduled in the request for tree removal and trimming that has been sent out to bid.  A list of appropriate trees is needed for replacements.
  8. Fire Chief reports department responded to 13 dispatches between 10th and 17th:  7 EMS calls; 1 traffic accident; 1 haz-mat; 1 public assist; 1 fire; 2 other type calls.  Weekly training consisted of Emergency Vehicle operations; all equipment and apparatus were found to be in good working order; all run reports have been entered into computer; continued review and updating of City’s Emergency Operations plan; and conducted one commercial building inspection.
  9. Public Utilities Supervisor reports crew shut off water service line to UP and removed and repaired packing gland and installed new packing and retainer bolts and turned service back on; repaired Rose St. roadway where water leak fixed last week including base rock, backfill, blacktop and pressure washing the area to remove mud from roadway and gutter; there were 33 water shut offs and then turn ons when bills were then paid; took required samples from treatment plant to Basic Lab in Redding including monthly effluent sample, 4th quarter effluent sample, 4th quarter monitoring wells at plant samples, French drain and subsurface drain from plant sample, above the plant river hardness sample, and four drinking water samples to be tested for coliform; all lift stations were checked and cleaned; sewer manholes were checked; all routine plant testing and maintenance was completed.