City Manager's Weekly Report | 11.25.2015

  1. Public Works Supervisor reports continuing drainage and drain maintenance and cleaning; continued work on hangar supports at airport; contacted person who works on hangar doors at county airports and he will inspect doors at Mott airport around December 1; met with mason about fountain repairs and he will be forwarding bids fountain repair and sidewalk/curb repairs; installed plow framework on trucks 400, 401 and 404; three tree cutting companies called and requested to provide bids for removal of trees in the public right of way; unit 420 scheduled for hydraulic system service today; repaired light at City Hall; Clemens Waste Removal began removing remaining items from Engine House and should be completed later this week; received permission to use Spruce and Dunsmuir lot for snow storage; meter reading done on 23rd; Bryan will be on call beginning today and through midnight Dec 1.
  2. Official notice receive that Shasta Community Foundation has approved Dunsmuir grant request for $53,087 for work at Tauhindauli Park.
  3. Community Services Officer reports deer was found injured on City property south of Manfredi’s and put down by Sheriff Deputy.  Deer was disposed of.  Continued notifying all that cars need to be moved to allow for snow plowing.  If still on roads when snow plowing occurs, tickets and possibly towing will follow.
  4. Interim City Manager attended airport committee meeting at which Carol Ford, new consultant for airport, was introduced.  She reported she is working on grant application due by end of December for updating planning documents for Mott airport.  Committee members are still working on getting trees on property to the west topped to meet FAA standards.