Drug Prevention Town Hall

The Siskiyou County Sheriff's Office, Behavioral Health Service, and City of Dunsmuir will host a "Drug Awareness Town Hall" on Tuesday, June 12th at 6pm at the Dunsmuir Community Center, 4835 Dunsmuir Avenue. The goal of the town hall is to promote drug awareness, positively influence adults and adolescents, and to ultimately build more healthy and resilient community.

Leash Law

The spring season is bringing with it an increase in complaints about dogs being on the loose throughout Dunsmuir, and in some cases aggressive. Please take some time to ensure that your dog(s) are secure and safe at your residence and while walking them. The City of Dunsmuir has a Leash Law which states: “Every dog found or being on any public street of the city and not held or led by a cord or chain, or confined in any vehicle, shall be taken by the poundmaster to and impounded in the public pound, where it may be redeemed by the owner or person entitled to the possession of the dog, within three days thereafter. No person who owns or has charge, custody, control or possession of a dog shall allow it to run at large so that it is subject to impoundment. Any person violating the provisions of this section shall be guilty of an infraction.”

Best Water on Earth

The City of Dunsmuir is known as “The Best Water on Earth” for good reason. The water delivered to the greater Dunsmuir area is pure spring water. This water comes straight out of a mountain spring and is delivered right to our homes and businesses. That’s right, from the spring straight to the tap. No chemicals added, no filtration, simply pure spring water from mother earth.

Before I took the job as the City Manager for the City of Dunsmuir I had over 33 years experience in the water treatment industry, and held a State of California Water Treatment Operator Grade T4 (#18260) certification. I’ve seen a lot of different source waters, and have a lot of experience in what it takes to get water to the State of California standards. It is rare to have water that requires no treatment or filtration to comply with State Title 22 requirements, and to have this water delivered at a nice cool temperature, tasting as good as it does reinforces the reason we call our water the “Best Water on Earth”.

Mark Brannigan, City Manager

Beautification Committee Vacancy

There is a citizen-member vacancy on the City of Dunsmuir Beautification Committee, an advisory committee to the Dunsmuir City Council.  Letters of Interest may be submitted to:

City Manager, 5915 Dunsmuir Ave, Dunsmuir, CA 96025 by noon on May 3, 2018.  Applications will be reviewed at the City Council meeting on May 3, 2018.  Applicants should plan on attending.

Sewer Smoke Testing

The City of Dunsmuir Sewer Department will be cleaning and smoke testing the sewer collection system on May 8th and 9th. This project is being done in an effort to help limit the cost of sewage treatment plant expansions that will be necessary over the next few years due to Inflow and Infiltration.   

The smoke testing will include the following areas. Schearer Ave., Grover St, Edyth St., Vernie St., Sacramento Ave.(6100-6200) Wood St., Wood Alley, Cherry St., Pine St. (upper), (5700 Blk) Castle Ave, Shasta ave, Spruce St. and Willow St. Others could be affected in the general area of these streets. The Smoke Testing is an integral part of this maintenance program aimed at reducing rainwater and ground water infiltrating the sewers. The smoke will escape through cracks, breaks, storm water tie-ins such as rain gutters on houses, and uncapped clean-outs. 

The Smoke is not toxic and will not harm anyone but occasionally smoke will come out of drains in houses that are not piped properly. If this happens at your house or business we suggest you contact the building inspector and a plumber to fix the problem as soon as possible because if the smoke gets in your house so will sewer gases which could be toxic or explosive if the right conditions exist.

Citizen of the Year Award

Dunsmuir's top civic honors will go to Ann Powers, Ellen McArron, and Gina Flores, at a special awards banquet May 5th. Ann Powers will receive the 2017 Alexander Dunsmuir Award, and Ellen McArron and Gina Flores the 2017 Citizen of the Year Award.

The Awards banquet will be held Saturday, May 5th, 5 pm. Dinner will be at 6 pm at the Dunsmuir Community Center located at 4835 Dunsmuir Avenue. Tickets for the event, which includes a full dinner, are $20 each and can be purchased at the Pizza Factory in Dunsmuir. A large crowd is expected, seating is limited so participants are urged to purchase their ticket early.

Dunsmuir Rate Study Committee

The City of Dunsmuir is accepting letters of interest from residents and businesses to participate on a Rate Study Committee. The committee will consist of two members of the City Council, three citizen volunteers, and PACE Engineering and city staff. Volunteers will be required to participate in a series of meetings in order to provide review and input on proposed changes to the City’s sewer and solid waste rates. Committee members will be expected to review information and analyses, and offer comments and suggestions during a workshop setting. Volunteers should be open minded, critical thinking, and able to work effectively with others for a common goal of producing a Rate Study that best fits the needs of the citizens of the City of Dunsmuir.

The kick-off meeting is scheduled for February 26th at 6:00 pm.

Please submit a letter of interest to: City of Dunsmuir, Attn: City Manager, 5915 Dunsmuir Avenue, Dunsmuir, CA. 96025. Information should include: Contact information, professional background, and why you would like to be part of the committee. Letters must be received by 4.00pm on February 23, 2018.

TUT Grant Application Request Document

In November 2015 the voters passed a 1/2 cent Transaction and Use Tax (TUT). The proceeds from this sales tax go back into our community by supporting special projects. Examples of funding in fiscal year 2017/2018 are: Children's Park, Sidewalk Improvements, Library, Pool/Parks and Rec etc. If you have a special project that services our beautiful City of Dunsmuir click on the "Learn More" button to get an application form, and submit to City Hall, 5915 Dunsmuir Ave. Applications can be submitted at any time, but to ensure funding in fiscal year 2018/2019 (starts on July 1, 2018) please submit the application by the end of February to be considered during the City’s budget process.