Job Posting for Account Receivable / Payable Clerk

The City of Dunsmuir is accepting applications for an Accounts Receivable/Payable Clerk.  Under general supervision of the Finance Director to perform work of moderate difficulty in maintaining financial records, processing financial records, processing financial transactions, preparing financial reports, performing a variety of clerical, computer and bookkeeping duties and responsibilities, preparing a variety of documents and do related work as required.

Flooding Information - 02/09/2017


FEBRUARY 9, 2017

The National Weather Service placed the area that includes City of Dunsmuir in “flood advisory”.  They are considering raising that level to flood warning.

At this time water is over the headwall at the south end of Butterfly and just north of Gillis.  That portion of roadway has been closed by the City.

Water in the Sacramento River is just under the level that caused flooding along Butterfly Ave in 2015.  Residents in this area are asked to be cautious and aware that an evacuation advisory and ultimately an evacuation order may be issued.

The City has arranged with St. John’s Parrish Hall at 5605 Shasta Ave. to shelter those who may be displaced.

There was a mud slide that closed portion of Dunsmuir Ave. just south of I-5 south bound on ramp which is south of bridge that is south of Chevron Station.  This area has just been reopened after Caltrans crew repaired culverts from top of hillside that were not accepting storm drain waters.  Caltrans will continue to monitor this area as the repair work is temporary fix with permanent fix to be done this summer.

Anyone with emergency issue is asked to contact Dunsmuir Fire Department at 530-235-2551 or call 911.   Siskiyou County Sheriff’s department also has extra officers working the Dunsmuir and south county areas.  Dunsmuir Public Works crew and Dunsmuir Public Utilities crew members are out and about attempting to keep storm drain system open and unclogged.

More information will be distributed as it becomes available.

City of Dunsmuir City Manager’s office
February 9, 2017
12:00 p.m.

Flood Map

Updated as information becomes available

City Council Statement on Ballot Initiatives

In the November 3rd regularly scheduled meeting, the city council unanimously voted in favor of releasing their position on the City of Dunsmuir's Ballot Initiatives.

Measure D

Position of the City Council is to request the electorate of Dunsmuir vote YES on Measure D.

Measure D proposes to make the currently elected City Clerk office appointive. This means that City Council can designate a current City position to assume the duties and responsibilities of City Clerk or another person. For some time the State has been passing new laws assigning duties and responsibilities to the office of City Clerk. Previously volunteers performed the duties of City Clerk when the primary functions were to take minutes at meetings and file City records. Today elected and appointed City Clerks are responsible for elections, fair political practices enforcement, publication of City laws when passed, receiving and processing lawsuits, receiving and processing public information requests, maintaining files for all grants received, ensuring filing of legal papers including deeds and contracts, and a lot more. The job is time consuming and critical to City operations. A volunteer or part time person can no longer keep up with all the responsibilities and duties.

1. No one has “volunteered” to be City Clerk in the last 12 years.

2. An agreement was reached that provided some funds for person who took minutes and filed Resolutions and Ordinances.  During the tenure of this person other City staff shouldered much of the duties assigned to City Clerk office.

3. Early in 2016 the City Clerk office again became vacant.  No applications were received to fill this position.  At this election a candidate could have run for office but none applied.

4. Measure D needs to pass so the City can have City Clerk duties and responsibilities assigned to person or persons and get the statutory work completed.  Failure to have a City Clerk perform these duties and responsibilities would leave the City open to legal challenge about most all of its operations.

Measure V

Position of the City Council is to request that electorate of Dunsmuir vote NO on Measure V.

Measure V proposes to change from mandatory garbage service to voluntary service.  Rate payers would be able to opt out from receiving weekly garbage service at their curb.

1. Measure V would allow residences, businesses, manufacturing establishments to not be charged by the City and not receive City contracted garbage removal services.  The City has had mandatory garbage service for over 10 years and its contract with its private hauler is based on all properties receiving the service and paying for it.  If the service becomes voluntary prior to the end of haulers contract the City will be required to pay the hauler for services not being provided as the contract is for a negotiated flat amount.

2. Measure V would encourage property occupants opting out of City service to store garbage on site for periods of time before removing discards as weekly service would not be available.

3. Measure V would result in neighbors complaining about accumulations of trash on adjacent and other visible properties where trash removal services are not provided on a regular basis.

4. Measure V proposes to limit expenditure of proceeds from trash service exclusively to paying for operations of contract trash hauler.

5. Measure V would eliminate funding for downtown trash receptacles and for servicing thereof.

6. Measure V would eliminate funding for leaf removal from streets and allow storm drains to clog and possibly cause flooding.

7. Measure V provides no funding for increased code enforcement that would be required when trash and refuse is not removed on a regular basis.  Nuisance abatement procedures are time consuming and costly especially if court orders are required to remove offensive storage of trash and refuse.

Measure W

Position of the City Council is to request that electorate of Dunsmuir vote NO on Measure W.

Measure W proposes to reduce water rates increased in March 2016 and sewer rates that were implemented in 2011.

1. The reduced water rates will not allow for future improvements to water system including replacement of failing water mains, replacement of water tank needed to ensure water pressure is sufficient to provide fire protection to central and southern portions of Dunsmuir service area, or other improvements that may be required in the future.

. The reduced water rates will make Dunsmuir ineligible for grants and loans that are being negotiated with State and federal funding sources.

3. The reduced rates apply to service within the City of Dunsmuir and will leave service to customers in South Dunsmuir area and others outside the City paying higher rates for the service, a violation of State Law which requires all customers pay for the value of the service received which is the water.  Rate payers outside City limits would be subsidizing customers inside City limits, a fundamental violation of State law.

4. The proposed reduced water rates, that apply to customer within City limits, are a flat rate in that every customer would pay the same amount with no consideration of amount of water used.  So within the City customers with low usage would be “overpaying” for the value of service received and subsidizing those who use more water.  This is a violation of State law.  Charging customers based on actual metered usage is the only way to comply with the intent of Proposition 218, State Law, and enable the City to encourage conservation in compliance with State law..

5. The reduced water rates will not encourage conservation of water and leave the City water system a target for State fines and assessments if it is determined that City is not conserving during these drought times.  The City’s diversion of waters right is limited and if exceeded could lead to additional fines and assessments against the City water system.

6. The reduced sewer rates will not allow for repayment of loans taken to upgrade wastewater treatment plant.  The improvements at the plant were required to meet State requirements that allow for discharge of treated wastewater back into the Sacramento River.  If the State deems that City is unable to pay back the loan taken to allow for plant improvements, the State may require the State operate the system and set rates they feel are sufficient to operate the system and pay back existing and what the new operator feels are appropriate new loans to continue to improve the plant to comply with existing and new State mandates on treatment.

7. The reduced sewer rates will not allow for City to qualify for the State loans presently being sought to continue improvements at the plant and to allow the City to be eligible for current loan and thus may require immediate payback of the existing loan balance which the City will be unable to do.

8. The reduced sewer rates apply to customers inside city limits.  Current rates adopted in compliance with State Law (Proposition 218) may remain for customers outside City limits and create different rates for the same service in violation of State Law requiring same fee for same service.

Measure W proposes that all water served will be to property owners, not tenants, renters, or business operators.
·      This provision coupled with flat fee most likely will raise a legal challenge that an assessment or tax is being imposed, not a fee for service that is not being received by the property owner but is being received by tenant, renter, or business owner.  It is specifically targeting property owners and not those receiving the service (water).

Measure W proposes to have City enforce new code provisions for “waste of water”.
·      This provision will be impossible to enforce without adding enforcement officers to patrol the City looking for violations.  The proposed reductions in fees will not allow for additional moneys to fund these positions and thus there will be no enforcement unless current employees repairing leaks and monitoring delivery of water are pulled from those jobs.

Measure W proposes to have water system not charge for repairs or replacements to items serving only the customer side of the water meter.
·      This provision will require all other customers to subsidize payment for improvements or repairs to water system that benefit only the customer at a specific address.  This could end up in litigation as a violation of State law or the City water system being cited by State for violating State Law.

Measure Y

Position of the City Council is to request the electorate of Dunsmuir vote NO on Measure Y as it is not needed.

Measure Y proposes to establish regulations relating to medical marijuana cultivation within City limits.  The City had regulations which were removed from City Code in 2015.  The current City Council has repeatedly stated that State law provisions are to be enforced and has not moved to enact any new regulations.

1. Measure Y repeats conformance with State law even though that is already in place.

2. Measure Y would not allow any new ordinances to be adopted by current or future City Council regulating medical marijuana cultivation without such being approved by voters first.

3. Measure Y would allow qualified patients, persons and designated primary caregivers to cultivate marijuana consistent with California law, a right already provided.

4. Measure Y then goes on to provide regulations on cultivation not presently existent in State law or City code but mostly restating what other jurisdictions have adopted regarding electrical services being in compliance with State building codes, requiring ventilation and exhaust from in-door growing to prevent humidity, mold and odor problems without providing any funding source for enforcement of these new regulations.

5. Measure Y provides that the exclusive penalty for violations would be 90-day notice to come into compliance or be deemed guilty of an infraction punishable by $50 a day fine not to exceed $500 for same event.  In essence neighbors bothered by mold and odor problems may have to wait 90 days or more for violations to be corrected.  Persons who have historically violated these type of provisions do not normally pay the fines assessed.

6. Measure Y if passed along with Measure W would make it much easier for cultivation of marijuana with lower water price and no restriction on water usage.

Snowcrest Outage

This morning Snowcrest our interest service provider suffered an outage that left our City Hall without internet and phone service. The internet and phone service has since been restored.

If you had a loss of service with Snowcrest, we encourage you to follow them on Facebook for updates regarding their service. They recommend that any equipment that is used to be reset to ensure internet connectivity.

Thank you for your patience, and apologize for any inconveniences.

Notice of Election

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that a Municipal Election, consolidated with the Presidential General Election will be held in the City of Dunsmuir on November 8, 2016, for the purpose of electing two council members, each to a four-year term ending in 2020; one council member for a two year term ending 2018 and the city clerk and city treasurer, each to a four-year term ending in 2020.

Nomination papers will be available beginning Monday, July 18, 2016 through Friday, August 12, 2016 at Dunsmuir City Hall, 5915 Dunsmuir Ave., Dunsmuir, CA; during regular business hours. Completed papers must be filed in the office of the Siskiyou County Clerk, 510 N. Main Street, Yreka, CA; no later than 4:00p.m., on August 12, 2016. For further information, contact the Siskiyou County Clerk’s Office at 530-842-8084 or the Dunsmuir Deputy Clerk at 530-235-4822 ext. 100.

Water Main Replacement Schedule

The schedule this week is as follows (April 25 to April 29):

Pot-holing at the location of Sacramento & Scherrer Ave; location of Scherrer and Bridge Street.

Flush & Bac-t test on Bush Street.

Tie in Bush Street.

Install Main Line on Scherrer Ave.

Traffic may be interrupted at these location.  Please be mindful of the works in these areas and slow down.  The City and the contract workers appreciate your cooperation.

Weekly report April 22, 2016

City Manager

Having computer problems being looked at by ACME.

Attended Finance Committee meeting and made presentation of water/wastewater/solid waste review and expenses for 2010-2015 (where the money came from and where it went). Presentation will be repeated at the May 5 City Council meeting.

Met with various individual to discuss various issues.

Doctor appointment Tuesday afternoon.

Met with Mayor and Council members at various times but never with more than two at one time.

Met with Railroad Depot Museum members to discuss the lack of support from Amtrak and the need for a new roof.

Attended City Council meeting on Thursday evening.

Attended the Brewfest Committee meeting (first time).

Worked on making adjustment to the part-time Assistant Utility Billing Clerk/Receptionist employment request to the City Council.

Worked on 2015-2016 budget.

Worked on various issues concerning airport hangar damage; public records request; code enforcement and council agenda items.

Attended meeting on the safety element of the General Plan with Fire Chief, City Planner and CAL-Fire.


Public Works

Completed weed trimming Dunsmuir Ave Central on/off ramp; Florence loop and Dunsmuir Ave.

Pulled weeds out of planter boxes on Pine Street

Cleaned north City Hall parking lot.

Clean staircase Shasta Ave to Dunsmuir Ave.

Rebuilt bench at Tauhindauli Park

Spray Herbicide - Oak Street to High School hill; south Dunsmuir Ave hill to bus stop.

Read Meters

Removed graffiti, Butterfly Bridge, Sacrament Ave wall, Central I-5 crossings.

Mow lawns

Swept streets.

Big fish meeting 4/19

Marked out paint/strip Sacramento Ave. leased parking lot, strip ½ of Amtrak parking lot.

Removed plow framework from #400 and 401.

Remove Ivy/debris from sidewalk between Sacramento and Walnut.

Hansen Electric installed form for new concrete pedestal base at Florence Loop.  Should be poured 4/22 or early next week.

Met with Melissa Cummings and Scott Billingsley (Siskiyou County Transportation) 4/20. Reviewed and are looking at improving existing stage bus stops and possibly moving a few existing sites to new locations. Ms. Cummings will be sending a complete report within the next two or three weeks.



Contractor installing 5” water main on Bush Street and Mountain Ave.

Had 30 water disconnects for non-payment on Monday.

Had sewer lateral issue over the weekend (April 16/17) on a Pine Street house.  Owner was called and waiting for a return call to discuss the problem and remedies.

Located sewer main on top of Bush Street and Mountain Avenue for contractor to install new 2” line.

Finished locating sewer main on south end of Schearer Ave where contractors will be digging next week (April 25-29).

Reading Water Meters on Thursday and Friday.

Pump station and lift stations were checked.

Plant operations, testing and maintenance done.


Community Services Officer

Worked on two abatements.

Removed and collected all citywide cleanup posters.

Investigated a complaint of a red car abandoned on Shasta Ave.

Trash picked up with road kill at various locations.

Began taking pictures with high grass and weeds with certified letters sent out.  This is a lengthy process due to the number of code violations.


Fire Department

Responded to 10 dispatches:

(5) EMS calls.

(1) Structure fire

(1) Public assist.

(2) Other type fires.

(1) Haz-Mat.

Weekly training consisted of ground ladder and aerial ladder evolutions.

All equipment and apparatus are in good working order.

Reviewed and entered run reports into computer.

Attended meeting on the safety element of the General Plan with City Manager, City Planner and CAL-Fire.

Attended meeting with CAL-Trans to discuss potential impacts of traffic problems on I-5 in the Dunsmuir area due to the next phase of the Antler Bridge construction.

Job Announcements

We are announcing the opening of two new positions for the City of Dunsmuir.

Assistant Utility Billing Clerk
Utility Maintenance Operator-In-Training

Applicants that are interesting in applying for the positions must download and fill out the application and either hand deliver to Dunsmuir City Hall or mail to:

Dunsmuir City Hall
ATTN: City Manager
5915 Dunsmuir Avenue
Dunsmuir, CA 96025

Big Fish Opening Day


It originally was on the last Saturday of every April to start the Opening Day of World-Class Fly-Fishing on the upper Sacramento River. Now with fishing allowed all year, this day is celebrated with our annual Fisherman’s Breakfast Opener at the Dunsmuir Fire Station.

It’s time once again to wade the crystal clear and cool waters of the Sacramento River as the days lengthen and the weather turns warm. The City and Dunsmuir Chamber will put forth the Dunsmuir Big Fish Program to strengthen the lure for travelers to enjoy the planted trophy trout as they find pockets in the deep cuts to spend their days of summer. 

April 30, 2016 is the day to enjoy the Fisherman’s Breakfast will be put on by the Dunsmuir/Castella Fire Department and there will also be a demonstration by Brian Wilson, on the technique of “catch and release” with trout from our local hatchery. A representative from Fish and Game may be present to answers any questions and explain any new regulations that are in effect. 

Thanks to El Nino’, it has improved the water levels with a snowpack close to historical average and is at 106% of normal water content, (March 2016), reflecting plenty of cold water. Whereas the drought has impacted California, the area around Dunsmuir, California, is looking very good. 

It also helps to know that the Upper Sac is spring fed from deep below Mt. Shasta with melted glacier water. It pools into Lake Siskiyou, behind the city of Mt. Shasta, where it is held by 209-feet deep Box Canyon Dam which produces 5.5 megawatts of electricity. The river emerges as a freestone stream with boulders which create pockets for the fish to thrive in highly oxygenated holding water.

There is easy river access and parking for the public at the Dunsmuir City Park and Tauhindauli Park.  Other locations are near the numerous bridges at Scarlett Way, River, Butterfly, Scherrer and Financial Avenues and on down to Sweetbriar.  Most businesses have free fishing maps for visitors.  Visitors can rent or purchase gear and hire guides for instruction.  Everything is here for a quality experience learning about fishing on the Upper Sac, including lots of fresh air.

Bob Grace, proprietor of the iconic Ted Fay Fly Shop says, “Dunsmuir is putting their hard earned dollars into your fun, stocking extra fish so you’ll have a great time visiting in Dunsmuir.”

Visit the Dunsmuir Trophy Trout Facebook page.  You can see what others have caught and add your own trophy selfie to the timeline.

Accommodations and Amenities

Dunsmuir is famous for its restaurants from upscale Mediterranean to California cuisine and on to pizza, burgers, Asian, brew pub and more.  Motels and vacation rentals abound.  Find more information at the website.