Burn Suspension

Residents are reminded that outdoor residential burning within the City of Dunsmuir is still prohibited. The suspension has been in effect since May 1, 2018 at 8:00 a.m., and bans all residential outdoor burning of landscape debris such as branches and leaves. There is not an estimated date for lifting the burn suspension. Although overnight temperatures are cooler, the vegetation is still extremely dry and receptive to burning. The public cannot let down their guard or become complacent in doing their part to prevent wildfires. 

TUT Grant Application Requests

In November 2015 the voters of Dunsmuir passed a 1/2 cent Transaction and Use Tax (TUT). The proceeds from this sales tax go back into our community by supporting special projects and services. If you have a special project or service in the City of Dunsmuir that you would like to request TUT Grant Funds then click on the "Learn More" button to get an application form, and submit it to City Hall, 5915 Dunsmuir Ave., CA. 96025. Applications can be submitted at any time, but to ensure funding in fiscal year 2019/2020 (starts on July 1, 2019) please submit the application by the end of February to ensure that your application is considered during the City’s budget process.